Oyster Brokerage

A brochure for prospective buyers

Oyster Brokerage was established in 1984 to offer Oyster owners a specialised brokerage service when they wished to offer their sailing yacht for sale.

The marketing team needed to create a brochure that detailed the specification and prices of each yacht for their annual Brokerage boat show. Taking inspiration from coffee table books, I created a premium feeling brochure that made the yachts the hero.

Oyster Brokerage landscape brochure cover design
Oyster Brokerage yacht sailing on the ocean
Oyster Brokerage brochure spread design – the Oyster 625
Oyster Brokerage yacht on sea with a white sail
Oyster Brokerage brochure design – Oyster 56
Oyster Brokerage showing the Oyster 625 sailing on the ocean
The Oyster 56 brochure spread design
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