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Getting on Board

Engaging potential trustees with an informative guide

Getting on Board helps find the best possible volunteers to serve on charity boards. They support and train charities to improve their board recruitment, and help individuals and their employers to find the best possible opportunities. The brief was to design an new guide that appealed to potential trustees, ensuring the content was engaging and accessible for people with disabilities.

Getting on board - How to recruit trustees for your charity purple brochure cover showing a photograph of 2 men and 1 woman looking at sunflowers
2 page introduction spread showing an image of a white woman carrying a box of vegetables and an infographic on why charities find it so hard to recruit trustees
2 page spread showing diversity of your board, featuring an iamge of a black man and white woman carrying boxes of vegtables
2 page spread showing a charities strategic needs table on the left page and undertaking a board audit on the right with a photograph of a board meeting
 2 page spread showing a photograph of an Asian woman looking at a laptop on the left page and how potential candidates can find out more on the right page, featuring a graphic of a magnifying glass
2 page spread showing trustee truths on the left hand page with a grey background and an infographic on the right hand page on the benefits of being a trustee, on a yellow background with white bar charts
2 page spread showing making the most of your network with hand drawn, abstract multicoloured people graphics. The right hand page shows tailoring your advert with a photograph of two white woman crafting
2 page spread showing trustee truths on a grey background with a photograph of a public speaking woman on the left. The right page shows which candidate with 3 multicoloured hand drawn, abstract people
2 page spread with multicoloured infographic circles. The left page features outcomes of trustee recruitment pathways, the right page features outcomes of the transform programme
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We couldn’t recommend Jamie more highly, he’s communicative, speedy and super efficient. All the team were delighted with his perfect understanding of the brief and attention to detail.
E Bailey-King - Marketing Director

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