Ritual Feast

Brand design and identity

Ritual Feast is an open air pop-up restaurant that provides an unforgettable dining experience in beautiful locations. They wow guests by cooking meat 'Al Asador' a traditional Argentine way of cooking.

Ritual Feast Logo and brand identity design
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The challenge

As a new start up business Ritual Feast came to me to help them develop their brand identity and visual style before unveiling the concept.

Ritual Feast in the New Forest
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The approach

As the cross is integral to the Ritual Feast experience, we decided to use it to form the logo mark. We also wanted the logo to feel unique and invoke the feeling of traditional ceremonies of the past.

Ritual Feast cooking on ash billboard advertising design
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Ritual Feast green veg
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Ritual Feast food menu design
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6 Summer forest dates sold out


Appeared on James Martin Highlands to Islands (ITV)

Ritual Feast New Forest cooking in the Summer time
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